Producing Stories on Skilled Refugees in the U.S.

FUNDRAISING AND AWARENESS CAMPAIGN: The two videos below are two parts in a series of videos produced for a campaign to raise awareness and support for Upwardly Global's work with skilled refugees. This first video is a powerful example of the challenging journey refugees undergo when coming to the U.S.  

"Devin Gallagher’s camera, lighting, editing, and production skills made these stories sing – and his body of work was a central asset in explaining and amplifying messages of support and service for the refugee community. We’ve heard nothing but positive feedback so far from stakeholders who feel he helped capture the authentic narrative that is so often lost in the charged rhetoric of immigration and integration.   He was the heart and soul of this effort and we could not have done it without him." 

 - Mary “Molly” Bauch, Producer

Behind the scenes photos: