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Devin Gallagher is the owner and lead producer for Wait What Productions LLC. Devin manages a variety of media projects for corporate clients including online courses, short videos and podcasts. Through the help of Wait What and other collaborating filmmakers, Devin has produced two successful feature documentaries: Married in Spandex, which has screened around the world and can be found on Hulu.com and Kandahar Journals, which has had a wide release in Canada, Europe, and South America. For more information visit: FILMS

Allison Kole is a consulting producer and part owner of Wait What Productions.  She is based in Washington D.C. and has produced and co-directed a feature length documentary film called Married in Spandex.  Allison specializes in creative storytelling and communications strategy. She has organized many successful campaigns and produced videos reaching audiences as small as a few hundred people with direct messaging to broader campaigns targeting over 150,000 people

Your camera, lighting, editing, and production skills made these stories sing – and your body of work has become a central asset in explaining and amplifying messages of support and service for the refugee community. We’ve heard nothing but positive feedback so far from stakeholders who feel you’ve helped capture the authentic narrative that is so often lost in the charged rhetoric of immigration and integration. Thank you for helping cut through the noise with your artistry, poetry, and storytelling style. You were the heart and soul of this effort and we could not done it without you. From Upwardly Global, Accenture, and the people who’re standing taller because of your work, we’re so very grateful.
— Mary “Molly” Bauch Accenture Federal Services
Devin Gallagher crafted a film about the work our organization, the DC Volunteer Lawyers Project. We were impressed with both his efficiency and the outstanding product. He was working on a short timeline, so when we received the first cut of the film a week before our major fundraising event, we thrilled that it needed almost no edits and was so close to what we had envisioned. Devin brought all the different components together to create a very moving portrayal of our work. I can’t recommend him highly enough!
— Karen Barker Marcou, Executive Director, DC Volunteer Lawyers Project
It has been a pleasure working with Devin! Put simply, his ability to communicate effectively and provide creative problem solving to any project is a huge benefit. We have decided to partner with Devin and Wait What Productions for three major projects. As a client that wasn’t well-versed in the language of videography, he took the time to explain the total production process — start-to-finish — and made sure that we did everything necessary for our videos to turnout great. In addition to his professionalism and high-quality video products, he’s an overall good guy! This is relevant as personality-fit comes in handy when working on projects that take an extended period of time to produce. I’ve referred Devin to many colleagues and friends and will continue to do so.
— Marcais Frazier, Social Innovator/Impact Consultant, Clear Impact
Devin did a fantastic job editing a film I made that did well in festivals. He took average to good footage and turned it into a great story. I have seen him work as an instructor, storyteller, videographer, photographer, and editor in vastly different settings and he excels across the board. He is creative, dependable and a great collaborator.
— Daniel M. Mills, Filmmmaker/Practice Management Advisory Service District of Columbia Bar
Devin was wonderful to work with for shooting footage for my film. He was patient, kind, professional and most of all he made people feel comfortable being filmed. In the early stages of documentary, he was great about being flexible to shoot both planned and on the fly moments, but also having an editor/producer eye on what needs to get captured. Most of all, I really appreciated his sincere support of my storytelling.
— Cindy Yoon, First-time filmmaker/Editor
Devin is great to work with! I’ve hired him for several projects and he makes everything seem seamless, is very professional and has good suggestions ready-at-hand. The quality of his work is great and I look forward to continue working with him.
— MaríaElena Ladrón de Guevara, Global Marketing Manager, SDI


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