Get Your Film Funded: Fiscal Sponsorship/Kickstarter EP # 38 (Harry Lee Returns)

Harry Lee and I swap stories: he shares his experience with fiscal sponsorship and I attempt to demystify Kickstarter by recounting my experience of raising just about $50,000 for two projects.

AND it just so happens that Harry has a Kickstarter campaign going on right now! Check out his amazing film project SOMALILAND.  Get woke, and give it your support. They have already reached their base goal in the first 8 days, which will be enough to finish the project. NOW anything you contribute will help them start the process of getting the film seen!

I am very excited for this project and I am huge supporter of this film. It has the potential to be seen by thousands, if not millions of people and will definitely have an impact on the future of Somaliland.

Also a big thanks to Paul and the Spark Street Digital family for allowing us to record in their office!

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The Media Superheroes EP# 12 (Celene Di Stasio & Shane Yeager)

If you are trying to break into media or a media geek like me, you must check out the podcast and join the conversation by tweeting @MediaOnRadio.

This week Celene Di Stasio and Shane Yeager talk about their recent media startup: DC Visionaries. They chat about the reactions they got from starting a media company with a superhero theme. They also give tons of advice for young media professionals about being honest with employers about your expereince and skills.

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